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It is used for cutting, chopping & mixing the crop residue into the soil. It pulverizes the soil making it easy for the farmer to use a harrow & tiller afterward. It uses the tractor power via PTO Shaft for its working. It can loosen and aerate the land up to a depth of 8 inches. Side skids have been provided for easy depth control.

Unique design consumes less fuel.

Its unique design allows it to work with minimum vibration in the field as well as less operating load on the tractor.

Rotavator using sealed bearing, providing better protection from dust & Moisture. 

Rotavator has been designed to work in soft & hard, wet & dry conditions.

Bharat Rotavator to pulverize the soil better & achieve higher working depth. This gearbox has two changeable gears placed in the gear-box which allow the farmer to adjust the rotor rpm output as per their needs

The multi-speed gearbox allows the user to configure the rotavator for optimum operation as per requirements by changing the back gears.

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