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The Mounted  MB Plough is made of high-quality raw material. The Mounted MB Plough is very durable, easy to use, and can be easily maintained.

It works in all types of soils.

It is available at the market-leading price.

Mounted Mould Board Plough can handle the toughest ploughing job with outstanding penetration performance. The underframe and unit-to-unit clearance are adequate to cope with trashy conditions. Perfect alignment of the plough beams carrying the Mould Board bottom is maintained by virtue of the frame construction. The Mould Board will retain its mirror finish at all times, contributing to well-turned furrows. The plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar points for the toughest ploughing jobs. Bar point bottom ensures longer life as it can be extended or reversed and re-used till the last possible length.

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